Good Mood Food – Vegan Nutella Filled Cupcakes

Hello beautiful people. I am going to share a cupcake recipe with you today that is so quick to make – quicker than a trip to the shop to get your chocolate fix! It’s super simple, requires few ingredients, one bowl and is absolutely delicious. Sounds dreamy right?!

As a forever hungry, slightly greedy, slightly food obsessed individual, I learnt how to bake at quite a young age. Living about seven miles from the nearest town often meant that if I had a deep desire for something sweet, simply popping to the shop wasn’t an option. So over the years I had many a cake fail as I tried to make our random cupboard ingredients into something delicious and edible. I’ve gotten better as the years have gone on I promise! There was even a time in my life when my cake skills got so mad that I began making wedding cakes for people. I would spend hour upon hour making sugar flowers and marzipan roses to adorn beautiful pieces of cake artwork that I had made. Nowadays, my baking is a lot less complicated. I like to make things that taste amazing but require as little time and clean up as possible.

The inspiration behind this particular cake was my discovery that my favourite vegan nutella (tastes way better than the real deal in my opinion) now comes in a squeezy tube. So, you can either squeeze it straight into your open mouth and experience that amazing feeling of, ‘I am a fully grown adult and I can do whatever the heck I want!’ as you envision your mother scorning you for doing such a hedonistic act. Or you can use it to squeeze a soft delicious hazel-nutty filling into the centre of this delicious cake – I promise it is so good.

There are two rules that I would like you to abide by before setting out on any baking mission. My number one rule for any baking is that you have to be in a good mood before commencing! The second rule is that you have to have some great music on in the kitchen. It’s just better like that. If you are not currently in a good mood, I recommend that you should put on your favourite anthem to shake your great butt to (really, you have an amazing butt) and dance your little socks off in the kitchen for a bit. How can you not feel great after that?! You are now ready to commence baking…

Here is the recipe that will change your life 😉


  • 100g plain flour
  • 60g sugar
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 30g cocoa
  • 50g sunflower oil
  • 200ml soy milk / plant milk
  • Natures store hazelnut and cocoa spread

Utensils required;

  • 1 bowl
  • Scales
  • Whisk
  • Spoon / spatula
  • Teaspoon
  • Silicone cupcake mould

To make this deliciousness;

  1. Pick some lush music for your ears to enjoy
  2. Preheat oven to 180 celcius
  3. Grease 12 holes in your cupcake trays
  4. Have a little dance party in your kitchen. This cake is so quick to mix that your oven may not have sufficiently heated up if you don’t pause for a little dance.
  5. Put all dry ingredients into your bowl. Mix with whisk to get rid of any lumps. Sieves are so last year.
  6. Add wet ingredients. Mix with your whisk.
  7. Fill your cupcake trays to near the top – it doesn’t rise much.
  8. Holding your squirty nutella very close to the batter, squeeze a decent blob right into the middle of each cupcake
  9. Use your teaspoon to bury the nutella if there is still a bit that is visible.
  10. Pop in the oven for 14-15 mins.
  11. Yay – cake.
  12. Eat hot with your fave vegan nicecream – yum! Or cold – absolutely delicious both ways 🙂
  13. If I’m ever coming to your house feel free to make me these and I will love you forever ♥

Questions for you..

  • What is your go-to quick and easy to make cake recipe?
  • What cake would a person have to make you in order to make you love them forever?
  • What have been your best cake / baking fails in pursuit of something sweet when you can’t get to the shops?!

Happy baking lovely people,

Olivia ♥


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