January Faves: Vegan Treats

I’m a super big fan of snacking. I love to have sweet treats at home for if I’m in need of a pick me up and I keep a plethora of savoury snacks at work to satisfy my salt cravings. I’ve been having a wonderfully indulgent Januray after being so ill this festive season that I couldn’t eat either of the two Christmas dinners that were presented to me. That’s a lot of delicious food that I have to make up for right?!

Whilst everybody else around me seems to have been having a horribly restrictive January, here’s what I’ve been enjoying this month.. I can certify that all of these treats are absolutely delicious and so good for the soul! I highly recommend trying some of these if you’ve been hit with a case of the January blues and you need a little treat to brighten your day.

Ben & Jerry’s Dairy Free – PB & Cookies

Since the wonderful folk at Ben and Jerry’s released this dairy free deliciousness into the UK last year, I took one for the team and gave myself the task of trying all of them just so I could share my findings with you. No need to thank me guys, it was a selfless act. I thought that chunky monkey would be my surefire fave. But then….. I tried PB & Cookies last week and oh my wow. I swear it is the best thing I have ever put in my mouth. I highly recommend you get your paws on a tub of this deliciousness.

Rosemary Scalloped Crackers

I would describe myself as a bit of a salt fiend. I’d say that nine times out of ten I’m reaching for a savoury snack over a sweet treat. These scalloped crackers are so tasty. They satisfy my cravings for salt and crunchy food and are amazing dipped in hummus. Most supermarkets have their own version and they come in several flavours. I would also recommend the garlic ones if you don’t mind smelling like you’ve spent the morning slaying pesky vampires.

Manomasa Chipotle and Lime Tortilla Chips

These tortilla chips from Manomasa are scrummy to say the least. The only bad thing about them is that they are a bit too good so it makes it very difficult to practice any kind of self control once these chips are opened. You can’t say I didn’t warn you. Feel free to give me a call if you want somebody to come and help you eat these yummy chips. FYI not all of the flavours in this brand are vegan so read the back of the packet to check!

LoveRaw Butter Cups – Peanut Butter

Hands up who likes Hersheys?! No… nobody?! I didn’t think so. Me either. Worry not, these LoveRaw PB cups are absolutely nothing like the icky sickly sweet fake American chocolate cups that they may slightly resemble. These are made from beautifully whole, real food ingredients, however they somehow taste like a very naughty treat. The chocolate is so smooth and dark that you will not be left wanting more. The slight sweetness of the chocolate is so perfectly balanced by the salted peanut butter filling to make one amazing chocolate treat.

Nine Bar Berry and Chia Seed

One kind of snack I am never that keen on is the good ‘ol cereal bar. I think I have just had far too many of them in my life that I no longer enjoy their sticky chewy texture. Currently the only ‘cereal’ bars I can tolerate and even enjoy are Nine Bars. I think it is because they do not have the ‘pull your fillings out’ sticky texture of most. Also as they are mostly seed based they are a lot more filling than standard ‘cereal’ bars which are generally full of empty calories. I particularly am loving this berry and chia bar and also their peanut seed bar which is another delightfully salty sweet snack.


Of course, what kind of snack related blog would this be if I didn’t mention my all time favourite snack… the humble banana. This month I have been enjoying bananas ripped out of their skin and straight into my mouth. What a monster. I’ve been enjoying them with peanut butter. I’ve made several delicious banana breads (with chocolate chips obvs). I’ve even made nana nicecream a couple of times. Bananas are a great way to pack in lots of good calories and micro nutrients into your body. They are my favourite snack ever because they are just so bloody great in every way!

Questions for you…

  • What are your favourite vegan snacks this month?
  • Are you more of a salt fiend or a sweet tooth?
  • I might be planning a trip.. any great backpacking snacks you have come across?

May your world be full of wonderful treats because you are great!

Olivia ♥


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