Magic Noodle Soup

On my return home from work I usually find myself feeling hungry as a hungry hippo and I quickly set about making something delicious before I have time to eat too many ‘during cooking’ snacks and ruin my appetite (it happens sometimes…). One evening last week my girlfriend invited me for dinner after work. She cooks some truly beautiful food so on the walk over my stomach was growling and I was dreaming about what she was cooking… She opened the door and I was engulfed by the sweet smell of… nothing?! I was confused. Had she forgotten about dinner? Of course I was happy to see her but my thoughts were clouded by my overwhelming hunger… I mean, it had been at least four hours since I’d eaten and I’d only had an apple on the walk over. I was worried I might fall through the floorboards!

‘Sorry babe, I got home late. I’m going to make you some noodle soup, it’s really quick I promise!’ Oh yeah, I’d heard that one before 😉 My irrational mind wondered what kind of a girlfriend was she to not have dinner ready and awaiting my presence?!

I was sure dinner would be hours away so I needed a distraction. I went to put my pj’s on and I was surprised to find that lo and behold.. Dinner was practically ready by the time I made it back to the kitchen. I wondered what kind of witchcraft she had just performed to make such a nourishing meal in no time at all. Suspicions aside I slurped away at my oh-so-delicious noodle soup and with a full belly she was gifted with my full attention 😉 Of course, I had to get the recipe to share with you guys, I’m sure you will love it too.

noodle soup

Bethan’s Magical Noodle Soup*

Time: 10 mins
Pots used: 1
Dosage: For hangry people, 1 large bowl

*No witchcraft required

  • Garlic, crushed
  • Ginger, finely chopped
  • Chilli, finely sliced
  • Onion, finely sliced
  • Mustard seeds
  • Sesame oil
  • Soy sauce
  • Mushrooms, diced
  • Vegetable stock
  • Noodles
  • Kale, finely shredded

To make this delicious noodle soup, sauté the onion in the sesame oil for a couple of minutes, add the ginger, garlic and chilli and sauté a little longer. Then add mustard seeds, kale and mushrooms. Cook until soft. Add the vegetable stock and 1-2 nests of noodles per person. Cook until the noodles are tender, adding soy sauce near the end. Serve in a big bowl with your favourite spoon and enjoy! Kiss the chef for making something so wonderful, just for you ♥



I’ve made this several times since my wonderfully talented girlfriend whipped this up for me last week 🙂 This is the perfect meal for the next chapter of my life. I am soon to be living in a van so as you imagine, counter space will be premium and one pot meals will rule the roost. I can’t wait to share more of my #vanlife adventures, triumphs and tribulations with you all.

Ciao for now,

Olivia ♥


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