Vegan Take 2

I feel like I begin every blog with an apology.. For my lack of content. I’m back and I’m sorry for my absence. I’m going to start this post by holding my hands up and admitting that I totally fell off the vegan wagon a while back. It began with an innocent mistake, then continued with me relaxing my veganism around others as I didn’t want to put anybody out or be fussy.. Working in a food store as I do I began bringing all the free foods home (all vegetarian) and all laden with dairy. Soon I found myself with a fridge full of old cheese and a face full of zits. Not a good look I think you’ll agree!

I’ve had a fresh dose of inspiration this year as most of my close friends and my girlfriend have all become vegan. I have been thoroughly enjoying creating exciting vegan food to share with the ones I love. I’ve been reassessing my values and I have realised that in order to live my truth I need to only consume things that I feel good about. I had a chance encounter with a lady last weekend who was advocating the vegan lifestyle and she told me that it is impossible to consider yourself an environmentalist without also being vegan. I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment. It really struck a chord with me as I always try my best to reduce my impact on the Earth. I have decided it is time for me to stop making excuses for myself and embrace the plant based once again.


I’m really looking forward to sharing my rekindled love of all things plant based with you. I feel like I am beginning my journey once more with a fresh outlook and I’m excited to try new things and share my journey with you guys.

I have a couple of backpacking trips planned this year so I am already excited to share my vegan backpacking menu with you, alongside some of the meals that I have been making recently and others that I dream up. Let me know if there is anything in particular that you would like me to share with you 🙂

Peace out beansprouts,

Olivia ♥


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