Naughty Vegan Treats + RECIPE!

I work in a beautiful independent organic store here in Bristol, UK. We recently opened a brand spanking new store down by the harbour side (come and check it out if you haven’t already). Along with this new store came a whole bunch of new product lines. My snack game has been totally on form since I have been moseying my way slowly but surely through all of the new exciting products in the shop. The most difficult decision I make every day is deciding which of the exciting new snacks to try… first world problems at their finest. Now that the new store has been open for almost a month I have tried and tasted quite a few of our new lines and I figured I would share a few of my new favourites with you guys. Plus if you stick around to the end of this post I will show you how to make some delicious vegan rice krispy treats..


  1. Smooze Fruit Ice – Simply Coconut


These coconut milk based freeze-at-home fruit ices sure hit the spot on an English summer’s day. All of the flavours are delicious but the pure coconut flavour is hands down my favourite. The rich creamy texture is simply divine.

2. Amarena Cherries in Dark Chocolate


A customer recommended these to me and I’m so glad she did! These wee freeze dried cherries coated in a thick layer of dark chocolate make for the perfect combination of crunchy, sour and sweet. I feel like this could be my new snack addiction.

3. Raw Chocolate Mulberries


These are by no means new however they are still a firm favourite of mine. When I first tried these they became a full blown and super expensive addiction. These handy snack packs make moderation possible and are way more wallet friendly. The raw chocolate co take dried mulberries and coat them in a layer of decadent raw chocolate. The mulberries are still kinda chewy and oh so moreish I’m sure you will agree.

4. Vego Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar


These new chocolate bars are the bomb! I’m not sure what kind of whitchcraft the folks at vego have used to create this de-freakin-licious vegan milk chocolate bar with a generous amount of whole hazelnuts thrown in. If you’re missing the sweet milky stuff give this bar a go.. Just don’t buy the large bar as there is no way on earth that you could only eat a sensible amount of that bad boy.

5. Corn Peanuts


I’m sure you’ve all had Cheetos right?! (Or as we Brits call them ‘cheesy wotsits’). Y’all know about my peanut butter obsession too? Boy oh boy, these corn based snacks are delicious AF (I hear this is what the kids exclaim when something is awesome). These are basically peanut butter flavoured Cheetos. I was telling my friend about these and they said, ‘Eww those sound like they would be really dry.’ They are not. Somehow they have managed to coat these crispy treats in gooey peanut butter and still retain their crunch. So good.

6. Vegan Mallows


Hands up who loves marshmallows? Me, me! These vegan marshmallows are so good and open up a whole range of possibilities as far as vegan treats go. You can enjoy them straight from the bag, in a hot chocolate, whack them into some rocky road… Or make vegan rice krispy treats.. I’ll show you how at the bottom or the page – it’s so easy.

7. Chocolate Fancy Almonds


Those folks over at Planet Organic sure know what they’re doing. I’ve been super impressed with everything I have tried from these guys so I had an inkling that these would be delicious too. I was so right. These little almonds coated in raw chocolate are so rich that you would be hard pressed to eat more than a handful. If you need a chocolate fix these will sure hit the spot.

8. Clif Bars


I got addicted to these in Colorado and brought a whole box home with me. They’re a really portable, dense source of calories and great for long hikes and runs or just to keep in your handbag for emergencies. These have saved me from having a hunger based meltdown on more than one occasion and I will be forever grateful 😉


Vegan Rice Krispy Treats RECIPE

If you know me in real life, you will probably know that I love YouTube, so much. I was recently watching one of Bonny Rebecca’s videos and I was amazed to see they were making vegan rice krispy treats. I was so excited to try this as Rice Krispy Squares were something I really used to enjoy as a child. It looked so easy so I grabbed the three ingredients I needed and I gave it a go. I was so impressed with how it turned out – really chewy and sweet.

To make these awesome rice crispy treats you will need the following ingredients;

  1. Rice krispies
  2. Coconut oil
  3. Vegan Marshmallows

To make, simply throw the marshmallows and a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil into a microwave safe bowl and heat until the marshmallows puff up really big and are very soft and kind of liquid when you poke them.. It should look like this


You’ll need to be very fast now as they cool down rapidly. Throw them into a big mixing bowl and mix in as many rice krispies as you can. Put the gooey mixture into some sort of cake tin lined with baking parchment or cling film and refrigerate until solid. Then cut into bars and enjoy!

DSC_0243 (2)


These bars literally only take a minute to make so would be great to whip up for last minute parties or unexpected guests. My housemate also tells me that these are great with chocolate spread on top.. I’m sure they are!

Questions for you..

  1. What are your favourite snacks?
  2. What new snacks have you recently discovered?
  3. Have you tried any of the snacks I’ve mentioned? What did you think?


Olivia ♥


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