An Interview with Anton Krupicka: My biggest vice is sweet baked goods

Do you ever have moments in life that are so freaking perfect that you just have to pinch yourself?! Before my trip to visit my bestie in Boulder, I had written out my with my ‘to do in Boulder’ list. The list had many trivial entries including ‘meet Anton Krupicka.’ My friend teased me that the real reason I was coming to Boulder was to see Anton! Alas, my pinching myself moment came when I was scrolling through my news feed one evening and I came across the following post…

anton krupicka

I was super stoked to be meeting somebody that I find so incredibly inspiring, alongside lots of other super rad Boulderites. I decided to make a day of it. I met my new travel buddy for some delicious coffee in the afternoon then told him about the Beer Run. He was as stoked as I was and admitted he had brought his running kit along ‘just in case’ as he figured coffee with me might just include a run. I would have teased him about that for a long time if he hadn’t been so bloody right!


When the cat got my tongue..!

The evening was super fun. As we entered the brewery Anton just happened to be walking out. My buddy nudged me to say ‘hey’ but I was suffering from a ‘cat got my tongue’ moment. We went outside to find a group of people in super bright running kit and figured we had found the right place. We entered the raffle and the kind folks at La Sportiva lent us some of their beautiful new shoes to try out on the run. Mine were a bright cyan blue, super lightweight and extra bouncy. My feet really enjoyed having a go in those babies. We set off as a wave of chatty excited people. Anton remained mid pack for the whole run and chatted to other runners. We did a nice easy 4.5 mile loop along a cycle path. My flatlander lungs were apparently still not used to the altitude and I panted my way round like an overheated dog.

anton krupicka


We returned to the brewery to find the $2 taco stall was open. I had the most delicious tacos I have ever put in my mouth. I went for the ‘Kale Yeah!’ tacos and I swear they were so goddamn good I had to check that they were actually vegetarian. After tacos we went to watch Anton’s presentation and I found out what I already believed to be true: Anton Krupicka certainly isn’t one for sitting still. Anton drew names for the La Sportiva raffle where some lucky duckies won new trail running shoes, hydration packs and some super cool snapbacks.

Anton stayed around to sign posters. My friend asked for a special message on mine…

anton krupicka

‘Glad I could make your CO dreams come true’

We hung out in the brewery with our new buddies and sampled some of the beers… it would have been rude not to. We had some delicious cherry saison and my friend decided I had to ask Anton if he would answer a few questions for my wee blog. We chatted to him for a while, he was a super nice guy, a little shy and a very modest. He agreed to answer my questions and I was super excited to find his reply waiting in my inbox a couple of days later.

If you’ve never heard of Anton ‘Naked Guy’ Krupicka before, he is an ultramarathon runner based in Boulder, CO. He began his career age 12 when he ran his first marathon and is two time winner of the Leadville 100. He describes himself as a mountain runner and an outdoor ambassador. He can often be found up Green Mountain or scrambling up the first flatiron wearing only a pair of short shorts and a pretty impressive beard. Without further ado, here’s what you’ve been waiting for… An interview with Anton Krupicka.

1. If you were to have a lazy morning, what would be on the menu for your perfect breakfast / brunch?

Probably a vegetable omelet with a scone and espresso. Okay, that’s kind of bullshit. Honest answer: a couple slices of cinnamon french toast, an egg over easy, some fruit, a scone and espresso. I guess I just feel like I shouldn’t eat so much sugar and carbs.

2. What does a typical days food look like for you when you’re training? 

I usually wake up with a two-egg, spinach and mushroom omelet, two Americanos (espresso w/ hot water), and a couple pieces of toast. Then it’s usually off for several hours (3-8hr) of either running, biking, climbing, skiing or a combination thereof. This puts me back home mid-afternoon usually when I typically have a lunch/snack of a couple of apples, maybe an avocado on toast, and a big handful of almonds. Dinner is a couple of hours later and in the summer especially is often a giant spinach salad with whatever I have around (avocado, bell peppers, mushrooms, banana, maybe blueberries, sometimes salmon for protein, walnuts, etc). I almost always have a dessert of a couple cookies then, too, but I’m trying to cut that out, horribly unsuccessfully. Other times I might make a veggie stir-fry or a couple of avocado, spinach, turkey, swiss cheese sandwiches. It all depends on how hungry I am. For sure my biggest vice is sweet baked goods.

3. Do you take nutrition with you when training? What do you take? 

If I’m out for 4 hours or more, I’ll bring a couple of energy gels, but I don’t always eat them. If I’m on the bike, I usually stop mid-ride for an espresso and some sweet baked good. I generally don’t eat the robot food (gels, drink mixes) on the bike. Biking and skiing are nice because the lack of jostling (unlike running) allows for eating real food. Sometimes a Clif Bar.

4. Has the way you fuel your body changed much since you began your career as an ultra runner?

My current diet isn’t great, but 10 years ago it was way worse. Lots of ice cream, lots of sugar and carbs. I at least try to eat nutrient-dense foods now, which wasn’t always the case.
5. Have you ever experimented with vegetarian / vegan diets?
6. Where is your favourite place to eat in Boulder and what is your favourite dish there?
Favorite place to eat is the Under The Sun Eatery and Taphouse. Their beer selection (brewed in Boulder) is fantastic, and their Fig & Proscuitto Pizza is probably my favorite meal anywhere.
7. Where would I find the best coffee in Boulder?
Lots of places serve a great cup, so it comes down to the ambiance I guess. I consistently get fantastic Americanos at Trident Cafe and Spruce Confections Bakery, but, just as importantly, I love Trident for its adjoined used-bookstore and Spruce for its outdoor seating and sidewalk cafe vibe.
8. What is your best childhood food memory?
Thanksgiving or Christmas meals, all cooked expertly by my Mom.
9. If you were on death row, what would you order for your final meal?!
A bunch of dishes that my mom makes. Potato dumplings with sauerkraut (this is probably the absolutely essential dish); grilled bratwurst; sweet potatoes baked with apples, dates, and walnuts; cranberry sauce; poppyseed cake with ice cream for dessert.
10. You’re known for moving fast and light in the mountains with minimal gear, aside from shoes is there any item you can’t train without?
This will probably surprise people, but from the very beginning I’ve always always always run with a watch. I often wish that numbers were less important to me, but I love tracking certain metrics over the years. I used to feel some shame around that, but don’t really care anymore. These days, that has expanded into a GPS model with a barometric altimeter, the Suunto Ambit 3 Peak.
11. If your house was burning and you had time to salvage 5 possessions, what would you take?
Beyond the nuts and bolts life-administrative things (wallet, phone, external back-up hardrive, etc) I don’t have too many sentimental things beyond a box of letters from friends and family. So, that, then probably the big-ticket items: bike, climbing rack.
12. You live in your vehicle for part of the year, do you have any tips for making life on the road more comfortable?
That’s become much less the case the last couple of years. There were a few years where I was proper in my truck from spring until fall; I don’t really see that being the case anymore. Anyways, I’m really having a hard time coming up with tips—all I can really think of are things that I wish were different about my current set-up. Basically, when you’re living in the back of your truck—and not a proper van–it’s important to remember that most of the living is going on outside of the vehicle, i.e. it’s awkward to change clothes or brush your teeth or brew coffee inside of a truck where you can’t even comfortably sit up without the back being open. So, I don’t know, chase good weather?
13. If you could run anywhere in the world with anybody, where would you go and who would you run with?
My least favorite question. Neil deGrasse Tyson.
14. Who are your running heroes?
I don’t really have any running heroes anymore. Unfortunately (or, fortunately, I suppose) I’ve met almost all of the runners I idolized growing up. Nobody is nearly as heroic as you’ve built them up in your mind once you actually meet them. Now all of my inspirations are coming from other activities and are usually of the more “everyday people” variety. I’m inspired by people now who are doing creative things, exhibiting passion, and integrating it fully into their lifestyle. This means that anymore I’m often inspired by people who aren’t necessarily iconic, broadly popular, or famous in the conventional sense.
15. You ran your first marathon age 12, what time did you run? How long did it take you to recover?
3:50:11. When you’re 12, you bounce back quickly. I was back into my normal running schedule within a couple of weeks.
16. What’s on your playlist at the moment?
Hinds (their first full-length album came out in January), 2010-2014 era Ty Segall. Really the only commonality between those two is that they’re both garage-y and lo-fi.
17. Do you have an ultimate power song?
Absolutely. I think it probably shifts over time, but right now, Ty Segall’s Slaughterhouse is my go-to… Prepare yourself for one of the more fierce 90sec of your life before you click on that…

18. What are you reading at the moment?

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William L. Shirer. I’m not much for nonfiction, so the fact that I’m slugging my way through this 1600pg behemoth at the moment is a bit of an aberration. Before that was a different World War II book, The Naked and the Dead by Normal Mailer. I found it to be outstanding.
19. Tell me what was the last book that you read that was so awesome you had to tell everybody about it? 
Oblivion by David Foster Wallace. It’s a collection of short stories. If you haven’t read anything by him, this might be as good a place as any to start, though some of his nonfiction might be a bit more accessible. He’s by far my favorite writer.

20. What’s on your agenda for 2016? Are you training for anything at the moment?

Per usual, I’m just trying to strike a balance between my sometimes obsessive approach to outdoor activities and my desire for sustained musculoskeletal health. This has been a 20 year struggle.

21. What advice would you give to somebody hoping to start a career as an ultra runner?

Figure out what makes you happy, what you find fulfilling. Do that.
Anton Krupicka

Figure out what makes you happy, what you find fulfilling. Do that.

With bellies full of beer it only seemed right that we finished off our evening with a trip to Boulder Baked. A shop that serves freshly baked cookies (vegan and gf options available) ’till late. If we’d known about his baked goods obsession we would have obviously extended the invite to Anton as we stuffed our faces full of hot from the oven cookies close to midnight. Only in Boulder.

If you want to find out more about Anton, see beautiful pictures or seek inspiration from a true mountain lover you can find Anton’s website here, follow him on instagram @antonkrupicka and Facebook Anton Krupicka.

He might even make your Colorado dreams come true 😉

Olivia ♥



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