My Oh Pie!! Chocolate, strawberry and coconut pie.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in my much neglected allotment this week. I’ve been covered in mud from my forehead to my toes. Muscles that I didn’t even know I had are feeling sore today. Seeds are sewn and weeds pulled. I felt a wonderful sense of achievement upon completing the hard graft that I set for myself. Yesterday evening I got to work preparing a whole bed of dry cracked earth to accommodate the seeds that I planted today. I was red in the face, drenched in sweat and muddy everywhere.

It was totally worth it though. I was working in exchange for strawberries. Sun warmed, ripe juicy English strawberries. The best kind of pay. I ate my fill and then my friend helped to pick some to bring home. These strawberries are so sweet and tasty, worlds away from their supermarket counterparts. These are the real deal, yo! They are an explosion of flavour in your mouth, so juicy that they drip down your chin, even more tasty if you pick them on a sunny day.

I had a dilemma: what to do with all of these strawberries?! I rummaged through my cupboard and my creative juices started flowing. Strawberry and rhubarb crumble? Jam? Pie… What kind of pie? Cinnamon crust? Lemon crust? A healthy pie..?

My brain dreamt up this lovely thing: gluten free oat and coconut crust, raw jam and chocolate pie. Oh my!

This was one big experiment and it worked spectacularly.

I didn’t measure anything so I apologise for that. I was enjoying being creative and the scales would have ruined my flow.

The ingredients are as follows:

For the crust;

  • Dessicated coconut
  • Oats
  • Coconut oil
  • Honey
  • Vanilla extract

Mix all ingredients until it tastes good and the consistency holds its shape when pressed between your thumb and finger. Turn the oven on to about 180 degrees. Grease your favourite pie tin with coconut oil and use the back of a spoon to press the mixture firmly into the pan. Bake until golden brown.

For the raw jam;

  • Freshly picked strawberries
  • Medjool dates
  • Chia seeds

Blend together all ingredients and leave to firm up in the fridge for about an hour.

For the chocolate ganache;

  • Dark sea salt chocolate, chopped
  • Soya cream

Use equal weights of chocolate and soy cream. Heat the cream until just below boiling. Add the chocolate and leave it to absorb the heat for one minute. Stir to mix into a silky smooth ganache.

To assemble the pie, spread the jam evenly over the baked crust. Then add the ganache. Pop it in the fridge for about an hour for the ganache to set.

Enjoy! A healthy pie that tastes super naughty!

Questions for you…

What kitchen experiments have you made recently?

How do you use gluts of fruit and veggies?

Olivia ♥


5 thoughts on “My Oh Pie!! Chocolate, strawberry and coconut pie.

  1. It’s great to hear you have been enjoying some allotmenteering; I hope your seeds weren’t sown too late. A shame you couldn’t post some of your pie to us – still I’d probably be banned from eating it. Neil x

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