Home Brew: Alcoholic Ginger Beer

There hasn’t been an awful lot that I have missed so far in my pound a day challenge. A couple of things I have missed or craved are; a bountiful supply of fresh citrus, sweet potatoes, courgettes and broccoli – all deemed too expensive unless I can find them in the staff veg bin at work. One thing I missed more than I expected was drinks, of the alcoholic variety. Now, I am by no means a big drinker. I rarely drink and am somewhat of a massive lightweight. I posses the ability to become intoxicated from a lone pint of cider. However, I do enjoy having a wee glass of cider on an evening or with lunch on my days off. Hey, don’t judge me!

I had deemed cider to be way out of my budget (did I mention I am a drinks snob? You won’t find me buying huge plastic bottles of grotesque drinks that have an odour resemblant of piss). I was expressing my first world conundrum to my lovely colleague one day at work last week and she had a brainwave. ‘Why don’t you just make your own? It’s really cheap and easy.’ Ans so it was. Last week I made my first ever batch of home brew ginger beer, the first of many to come. It was quick and easy to make, has a satisfying ginger kick and a gently fizz.

I got my recipe here. I followed it to a T and it worked out beautifully,

Home Made Old Fashioned Ginger Beer

Home Made Old Fashioned Ginger Beer

A fishbowl?!

A fishbowl?!

Look at the bubbles!!

Look at the bubbles!!

I was totally impressed by my first alcohol making experience. I am now on a mission to find cheap demi johns to take this to the next level.

Have you ever made your own alcohol? Do you have any home brew tips for amateurs?


Olivia ♥


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