£1 Food Challenge

Happy new year!

This year I have made no resolutions. I am however embarking on a new challenge. I have taken inspiration from the ‘Live Below the Line’ challenge. This month I am going to try to eat for just £1 a day. For the entire month of January. I shall be blogging my trials and tribulations of my pound a day challenge to share with you lovely people.

DSC_0769Yup, so there it is. My food budget, not for a day, nor a week… oh yes! This is my budget for the entire month of January. Today I have spent zero money on food so my pound for today shall roll over to tomorrow. Last night I went to my friend’s epic NYE party so for breakfast this morning I had some leftover vegan banana bread, for lunch I made a huge bowl of pasta and for dinner I had an out of date flatbread from work topped with tomato, herbs and onions for a delicious pizza style dinner. I am now currently munching on a couple of very ripe freebee bananas that I also got from work and a giant mug of yogi choco tea.

I do have the advantage of working in a lovely organic food shop, so I get to take home lots of out of date goodies, soggy vegetables and bruised fruit. Winning 😉 I also have the advantage of a free lunch on my days when I am at work.

I am not going to lie to you guys, I am still pretty hungover from last night so I shall keep this short. I shall write a more concise post tomorrow about my reasons for doing the £1 a day challenge, a cupboard itinerary and how I plan on living below the line as it were. If any of you lovely people would like to join me on this challenge just give me a shout.

I shall be sharing healthy wallet friendly recipes, tips on how to eat cheaply and I shall be doing (hopefully) daily ‘What I ate today posts.’

Happy new year to you all I hope you are having an epic 2015 😀

Olivia ♥


One thought on “£1 Food Challenge

  1. This challenge sounds fabulous! I’m so looking forward to your posts throughout January. Definitely applauding your efforts, as food is major expenditure of mine, especially when you opt for organic/vegan/gluten free options which are often (outrageously!) hideously expensive. Good luck with this & nursing that hangover. Happy New Year! 🙂

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