Natural Organic Beauty Favourites

Hola guapa 😉

Today I am playing that age old super fun game: waiting in for a parcel. My phone upgrade is due to be delivered today… Anytime between 8am and 8pm. A 12 hour slop is helpful guys, thanks for that. I woke up and was like ‘yey new toy’ today. Now it is 2pm. I need to go to the shop to buy an onion and chilli so I can make a curry for dinner. I daren’t leave as I know that the instant the door slams behind me the delivery man will leap out from his hiding place and cram a ‘Sorry we missed you’ note through the letterbox. The sneaky devil. So, to pass the time (and because I have wanted to do this post for a while) I shall be sharing with you my current favourite natural, organic beauty products.

  1. Acure Organics Argan stem cell + CoQ10 Dry Shampoo $12.99. This product was a present from my beautiful friend Debbie. I’m not sure if it is available in the UK or Eurpoe, but you Yanks are hella lucky because this is one hell of a kick ass product. If you know me well (which Debbie evidently does) you will know that I am a dry shampoo whore. I love the volume that it gives to my thin hair and of course, it’s a great sneaky shortcut for those days when you press snooze for the millionth time and realize you have no time to wash your face, let alone our hair. A can of aerosol dry shampoo will usually last me one to two months at most. I got this aerosol free dry shampoo in April and there is well over half left. A little certainly goes a long way and I also find this a lot easier to rub in than standard dry shampoos. Winner! If you live in the US you should definitely invest in this product.
  2. Suma Soap £1.26 from EcoGreenStore. I love all of the scents of the Suma soaps. Cheap and cheerful and free from any chemical nasties. I have not used shower gels in so long, I really hate the way they make my skin feel after use. Whenever I use gels for washing my body it feels like all of the moisture has been stripped from my skin. Since I switched to soaps a long time ago my skin feels so much softer and more supple and I rarely feel the need to moisturise.
  3. Urtekram Rose Shampoo £4.99 from Southville Deli, Bristol. I adore this shampoo. It is so full of lovely ingredients and smells divine. Rose is one of my absolute favourite scents (and chocolate flavour if you were wondering). This shampoo leaves your hair feeling soft and looking pretty darn shiny too. Hello World!
  4. Organic Essence Lip Balm in Almond £3.50 Health Unlimited, Southville. This lipbalm is so lush. It is my new favourite. I had an unhealthy obsession with the Hurraw lipbalms, I would use it about every five seconds and go through an entire lip balm every few weeks! Though I loved them I didn’t think their staying power was great so it was time to try something new. I have heard a lot of good hype about the brand Organic Essence and I grabbed one at the checkout. I will admit I bought this on a whim, on impulse and I did not read the ingredients. The first ingredient is beeswax. I’m not really sure how I feel about bee products. As a rule I don’t buy honey but if it is an ingredient in something I am not super fussy. This lip balm is a delight to wear however, it has amazing staying power which is always a must at this time of year when lips tend to chafe.
  5. Pukka Organic Rosewater £11.95. Rose again! I must be so predictable :p I love this rosewater, I spray it onto my face after a shower before I moisturise. It is a great product in summer or if you live in a warmer climate. Just keep the bottle in the fridge and a quick spritz will cool your clammy face and the scent will be sure to uplift your spirits, whatever the season.
  6. Organic Essence Relentless All Day Deodorant, Wood Spice £6.50, Health Unlimited, Southville. This is another new product that I have purchased recently. I was using home made coconut oil and baking soda deodorant for a while but this began to really irritate my poor pits after prolonged use and led to some pretty seriously sore chafing when I worked out. Not good! I have been searching for another alternative to the chemical shitstorm that calls itself ‘deodorant’ in regular stores. Whilst I was at home last month I didn’t mind smelling a bit as I was out in the sticks where it is completely appropriate to be rocking Eau de BO. So I was just using a rock salt deodorant, which are fine for inactive days but so not cool for any level of physical activity. I shall let you know how I get on with this new guy. I have been extra sweaty recently I believe because I am still benched from running and I think you normally flush your lymph when you do aerobic exercise.. I think that is a thing, whatever, I am a pretty sweaty betty so I will do a review of this deodorant once I have used it long enough. Other good points; this smells amazing, the cardboard tube is compostable.
  7. Amphora Aromatics Muscle and Joint Massage Oil £4.80, Amphora Aromatics, Cotham Hill, Bristol. Any runner will know the top two solutions to achey sore legs. The first (my favourite) is the good ol’ fashioned ice bath. Sadistic, yes. Delightful all the same. The second is massage and this muscle and joint massage oil smells divine. Amphora have a whole range of perfectly balanced delicious smelling massage oils.
  8. Amour Natural Organic Evening Primrose Oil £12.95. I love love love this oil. I use it on my face every single day after my rosewater spritz has dried. I absolutely cannot stand the gross sticky itchy mess that commercial moisturisers make me feel. I have been using organic oils on my face for a long time now and my skin has never been better. What could be kinder to your skin that a single ingredient organic plant oil? If you know of anything let me know. I love this, my teenage acne scars are pretty much invisible now, my ‘Harry Potter’ scar is also diminishing and barely noticeable. The oil makes your skin feel plump and nourished. What more could a gal want?
  9. Lavera Mascara Intense Volumising in Black £11.50. This is a really lovely daytime mascara. Not too flashy, just lovely subtly enhanced lashed for the daytime. I shall give a little advice for contact lens wearers. I cannot tolerate this mascara when I am wearing my contact lenses, there must be oil or something in it but it is just incompatible with contact lenses in my opinion. Lovely on glasses days though.
  10. H20. This paired with a facecloth is all I use to wash my face and it works a treat.

I’m a pretty simple gal really. At one time in my life I was a total product junkie. Now I believe that less is more. Less products, less ingredients, less packaging, less time to get ready! The only products I use in the shower are soap and shampoo. The only products I use on my face are rosewater and oil. I hate hair products, I used to use about a million every day and my hair would not move a millimeter even in very strong wind. That is not natural! Now, there is nothing I love more than natural, clean, product free hair. It smells great, feels so soft and lush and is an absolute pleasure to run your hands through.

That being said, there are a couple of products / brands I would love to try;

  • Living Naturally Soapnut Shampoo Bar, £4.85. I love soapnuts and I think this product would be amazing for travel as it can’t leak all over your bag!
  • 100 Percent Pure. This is a beautiful company that uses only the nicest ingredients. Fruit pigments are used to give all of the makeup its colour. I’d love to try their cheek tints, mascara and lip glaze. I have heard amazing things about this company. They are not the cheapest but I believe you pay for what you get so I shall have to wait until I have a job before I can get my mitts on some of these goodies.

Guess what? My phone still hasn’t arrived! When it does though, you can expect to find me on instagram!

Questions for you…

  1. What are your favourite natural products?
  2. How do you feel about bee products?
  3. What are your instagram names? I want to follow you all!!

Ciao for now,

Love Olivia ♥


2 thoughts on “Natural Organic Beauty Favourites

  1. Those sound like some lovely products Olivia, especially the rose scent products! Mmmm, rose! At the moment I love using Lucy Bee coconut oil as a face/body moisturiser, it’s making my skin feel fab! I’m still on the fence about bee products, though beeswax candles are something I have been looking into as I’m wanting a paraffin free alternative. What are you views on this? Do you use candles? My instagram name is goodnessisgorgeous btw 🙂

  2. These all look great! I’ll have to look them up to see if they sell/ship in the U.S.
    I mostly love homemaking natural products. I keep beehives in my parent’s backyard and an aloe vera plant so I have natural bases to work with. I am definitely the same way with “less is more”; I prefer to use the least amount possible and let my skin/hair breathe rather than being caked up all the time.
    My Instagram name is heidekre (it is private, but I will definitely accept/follow back!)

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