You may or may not have noticed a slight absence from me this week. I have been off the radar this week as I had surgery on my right shoulder this Tuesday afternoon. I am recovering well and in no pain. I am kind of exhausted however from the general anaesthetic and the amazing healing work that my body is performing right now. I have my arm in a sling across my stomach that must remain fixed in position for the next month, even whilst sleeping. I am spending the whole of this month recovering at my parents house in a sleepy rural village in Yorkshire. I shall keep this post short and sweet as I just wanted to check in with you guys and let you know I am alive.

I have been pretty low key this week, however in an attempt to not turn into a total slob I have been trying to arise naturally with the sunrise. This has been mostly successful.DSC_0708This is my current favourite place, so comforting and cosy. The place where my weird and wonderful dreams happen.

DSC_0711These are my three favourite people. Allow me to introduce the three M’s. This is Marie (the baby boy).

DSC_0714The wild warrior kitty Morticia (Marie’s mother).DSC_0743Darling Miffy. Don’t they say that the eyes are the windows to an animals soul? Such a beautiful soul and a wonderful listener. This sweet girl knows all of my secrets.DSC_0744My days currently consist of reading, playing with kitties, copious cups of tea and afternoon naps. A night out with my folks may also have happened last night.

I shall leave you with this little insight into my life for now.

Olivia ♥






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