Vegan MoFo 2014: Sweet Dumpling

DSC_0684One day last week my housemate returned home from the greengrocers with some sweet squashes, which he intended to carve into jack-o-lanterns in order to protect our home from the undead. He showed me that his squashes had came with instructions for making them into something totally delicious. Sweet squash pudding. Oh. Wow. I hotfooted it down to the greengrocers and got a sweet dumpling squash of my own.

I chopped the top off and carefully scooped out the seeds. Then I grated some apple, and mixed that with cinnamon, brown sugar and plump raising. I did as per the instructions and stuffed this gooey mixture back into the squash then baked until soft. It was in for around an hour. When I opened the oven I was greeted by the amazing aroma that can only be described as an autumn hug. Sweet bubbling brown sugar and cinnamon.

The squash was delightful. Of course I added an ungodly amount of maple syrup. I shared this with my housemates and we all came to the unanimous agreement that it was absolutely divine. This shall be made again in our house very soon I promise. The only way it could be made better would be with a big dollop of vegan nice cream to melt over the top of it.

Have you ever had squash for dessert?

I worked at the Better Food Company today and I got some of the most amazing organic veggies. I got the biggest celery I have ever seen in my life, curly kale and cavalo nero. There has been a distinct lack of greens in my diet recently and I have been craving the greens for a few days now. The second I got home I practically inhaled most of the cavalo nero. It is by far my favourite of the kales. If you’re ever looking to find a place in my heart just buy me kale and I will love you forever. I’m a pretty simple gal 😉 Tomorrow morning I shall dust off my juicer and make apple celery and ginger juice to get me going in the morning and ward off coughs and sneezes at the same time.

I attended Incredible Edible / Bee The Change screening of Vanishing of the Bees on Friday evening. The film was very eye opening and to see commercial use of pesticides and the lack of research that is undertaken before they are approved as ‘safe’ was shocking. However the thing I was most shocked by was not in the film. It was something Sarah from Incredible Edible had to say afterwards. Commercial apples are contaminated on average with 24 different pesticides. Wow. You can’t wash that shit off dude. Would you like some apple with your poison?! So gross! Apples and potatoes are two of the things that I never eat unless they are organic. They are the top two contaminated / poisoned foods. You cannot wash the pesticides off as they weevil their way inside every cell of the produce. Gross.

What are your views on organic? What are your essential organic buys?

Wow I can’t believe it is September 29th. I’ve managed to spread vegan love every day this month on my blog. Pretty proud of myself! I shall think of something more profound to share with you guys tomorrow for the final day of the Vegan MoFo.

Ciao for now.

Olivia ♥


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