Vegan MoFo 2014:

DSC_0675 DSC_0682Today has been a day of chilling, eating and inspiration. Last night as I went to sleep I decided I would rise early, sieze the day and go for a huge hike. This morning however, I awoke at a very slovenly hour and I was kind of annoyed that I had slept in! As I was deciding what to do with my day and lazing over my morning coffee, my lovely housemate awoke. He asked what I was doing for the day. I shrugged ‘I dunno errr..’ He suggested a trip to the cinema. A brilliant idea. I showered, scoffed some toast and we left.

We were both massively in need of a vitamin hit in the form of a delicious juice, so we made a pit stop at Big Juice in St. Nick’s market. He got the ‘Hangover Cure’ juice which he said hit the spot. I freestyled mine, ordering off the menu. I went for orange, cucumber, strawberry and lime. It was so refreshing on this beautiful sweaty balmy day. I love cucumber in juice it tastes so good. I need more greens in my life at the moment, I have so not been eating enough. Sea veggies are also majorly vacant in my diet. I have been doing a little research into iodine recently and apparently 40% of the global population are at risk or have an iodine deficiency. Seaweeds are super high in iodine. Iodine is particularly important for thyroid function, and vegetarians and vegans are particularly at risk of iodine deficiency. So get your sea greens on. It is super fun, quick and easy to make vegan sushi. I shall even do a tutorial post on it someday soon for you guys.


I can’t go into St Nick’s without getting a vegan brownie. Believe me I have tried but nope, not possible. These brownies are like crack. So addictive and delicious. I don’t even know how they make them so ooey gooey and moist. My vegan brownie home baking attempts have been poor at best. If you’re in St Nick’s and in need of a chocolate fix get one! I promise they are so so good 😀


We headed over to Castle Park to sip our juice in the sun and we found the best surprise. An edible garden. Right in the centre of the city. There was a large raised bed that was full and abundant with amazing organic produce. There was rainbow chard, purple curly kale, green curly kale, spinach, nasturtiums, marigolds, borage, parsley, chives… Also a couple of things that I could not identify. As we were admiring the gert lush veggies, a sweet girl on a super cute bike arrived and began harvesting some to take home. I asked her about the veggies and she told me they were for everybody in the city to share and enjoy. They were planted be a group called Incredible Edible (great name huh?) and it is cool to pick some veggies for your dinner! I am so excited by this idea. I have not had time to research the group too much however I totally want to get involved. I have a lot of free time at the moment and I have been looking for a worthy and inspiring cause that I would like to volunteer for. I think I have found it!

After soaking up some vitamin D we went to catch a film. We saw Lucy. It was an awesome film, Scarlett Johansson kicked a lot of butt in the film and looked amazing whilst doing it. The ending was pretty random but the rest of the film was consistently gripping. I’d recommend it.

Right now I am enjoying a sleepytime tea whilst enjoying the most epic lightning storm outside. This girl loves a good storm. I always feel this amazing energy during a storm and then very calm afterwards. It is literally clearing the air of the muggy heaviness and it feels fresh and light afterwards.

Olivia ♥




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