Vegan MoFo 2014: Blueberry Pancakes

DSC_0685 DSC_0693 DSC_0700Blueberry pancakes! Who doesn’t love a good pancake to get them going in the morning?! Nobody. Because pancakes are delicious. Especially these vegan blueberry pancakes. Mmm, get in my belly! I cannot take credit for the recipe, I found the recipe here, only I didn’t add the streusel topping as, well it was extra effort 😉

I have never used flax seeds in baking and I was surprised that it did have a similar texture to eggs when I mixed it in. I have a Ms Cupcake brownie recipe that requires ground flax so I can try that out now that I have the flax. Stay tuned for that soon.

The only very minor downside about this recipe is that I found it kind of stuck to the pan a bit. After some prodding and poking with the spatula however, I was able to get a successful toss. I cannot think of anything more satisfying in the world than a successful pancake flip. I think I need to get out more. Really.

Of course a pancake would not be complete without a thorough drowning in maple syrup. I swear I had never tried maple syrup until last year and now I am kind of obsessed, addicted maybe.. I put it on porridge, apples, toast… Everything is better with a little maple syrup. Sweeter. The texture of the pancake was light and fluffy, and the taste was pancakey.

Let me know if you give these babies a go, or if you know or any other vegan pancake recipes that don’t stick to the pan!

I went on a walk tonight and I saw the most beautiful fox. I was walking down my street and the floodlight in a garden was set off. I looked over the fence to see such a beautiful fox, frozen still with one paw poised in mid air. I told her she was beautiful and carried on home. I love foxes for being so stealth and silent like a ninja.

This little ninja is going to have sweet dreams now.

Bonne nuit mon petit pois.

Olivia ♥



5 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo 2014: Blueberry Pancakes

  1. I’m with you – so satisfying to flip a pancake right. Maybe because I get it wrong so often :S. It’s even better than a garlic sizzle (I recently noted the outrageous disappointment I feel when I jump the gun and throw garlic into a pan before it’s hot enough – no sizzle!)

  2. Pancakes are indeed delicious! I’m more of a pancakes for dinner person than a pancakes for breakfast person because I’m a total zombie in the mornings and even getting my shit together to make toast feels like hard work most days!

    • Haha I am not sure that my waking time is classed as ‘morning’ by other people :p Ooh I’ve never had pancakes for dinner. Nor have I ever had a savoury pancake – I shall have to try some soon. What do you put in / on your pancakes? I need ideas! ♥

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