Vegan MoFo 2014: Sharing’s Caring

DSC_0700 DSC_0708I’ve been feeling a lot of love this week. From you guys on here – you are all the sweetest people I wish I could meet you all in real life! My friends have been lush this week (as always). A lot of my favourite Bristol people have visited me at work, and one even sent smoothies with instructions to share. To spread positive vibes, love and just because. This was such a cute idea and I loved giving out delicious organic smoothies to friends and strangers. The green one is banana and kale, and the brown one is banana and cacao. Yummers.

As the younger sibling, I used to hate sharing. I think I always felt as though nothing was mine and mine only. Fast forward a few years, a lot of growing and personal development and I have embraced sharing. I think I used to feel like nothing was sacred to me because I was forced to share, however now I really do not value material possessions at all I am willing and able to share. I want friends to derive the same pleasure I did from the book or movie I lend them and I am no longer worried about not getting it back. Maybe it was never mine to begin with. I actually love to share now. I will share my food, my books, clothes, literally anything. I would share my mind with you if I could. It makes me excited to see people enjoying the same things that I take pleasure in.

Happiness only real when shared.

Christopher McCandles

Of course the best things in life are always free. The best things to share will always be experiences. First times, new places and adventures. When I am alone and I see something beautiful, new or unusual I enjoy the moment but sometimes I can’t help feeling that I wish there was somebody with me to share the experience. To relish in the moment with me, or to verify that the moment did actually happen. Sometimes when I see something amazing I do wonder if it was but a figment of my imagination. My imagination is wild and colourful and I do wonder if I have created some experiences in my own mind.

What was the last experience you had that you wish you could have shared with somebody?

Much love,

Olivia ♥



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