Vegan MoFo 2014: Cafe Kino


Last night I went out for dinner with my longest and loveliest friend, Emma. We arranged to meet in Stokes Croft and we headed over to Cafe Kino for something delicious to eat. Cafe Kino is one of my favourite places to eat in Bristol. The staff are always so sweet and friendly, the food is always amazing and it is a good people watching location. We were both starving so we didn’t mess around – we went for burgers and chips. This was the correct decision. I also had a cheeky pint of Orchard Pig cider to go with mine. The food was awesome I could not fault a single thing, other than having eyes bigger than my belly :p I triumphantly managed to finish my meal though, it was far too good to leave any. Who cares if you have to unbutton your jeans a little when the food is so enjoyable?!


This was my meal. So yummy! Nom.

As well as an awesome lunch and dinner menu, Cafe Kino also has the best selection of vegan cakes and drinks. You can while away a few hours over coffee with a good book or a great friend. What I like about Cafe Kino is the welcoming vibes, nobody bothers you to hurry up or vacate your table, you can take your time, relax and enjoy a conversation. The prices are very good, my whole meal including cider was under £10.

If you’re looking for somewhere great to eat in Bristol I would definitely recommend Cafe Kino.

Where is your favourite place to eat in Bristol  / your city?

Olivia ♥


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