Watermelon Island


Before I tell you about watermelon island, I firstly want to share with you the beautiful nourishing dinner that I made for myself last night. It was woodwork class last night and I needed energy as the work can be pretty hard – especially if you get a gnarly knot in your piece of wood! I made myself spiralized zucchini with sundried tomato puree, spiralizer red bell pepper and roast new potatoes with peppered watercress dressing on them. This meal was satisfying for the eyes and the stomach! Now, let me tell you about watermelon island…watermelon watermelonStarting this morning, for three days I shall be living on watermelon island! But what is watermelon island?! Watermelon island simply means that I shall be consuming watermelons only for the next three days. You can go on any mono fruit island of your choice, depending on which fruit is your favourite and what is good at the moment. Some people do banana island, my friend did grape island.. Watermelons were an obvious choice for me as I actually LOVE them, I am so excited to eat all the melons!

Why would I want to eat nothing but watermelons? Honestly, my eating habits have not been as clean as usual recently. If you know me well, you will know that I have never managed to kick my caffeine habit – I still rely on one cup of joe every morning to kick my butt into action. Sometimes I get super sloppy and have a giant bowl of cereals for my evening meal, and wheat products have been on my agenda too many times recently. I believe that eating one fruit only allows the body to do a little reset, clean out anything that is gross and hopefully I can kick my coffee habit to the curb for good. I have chosen this weekend to visit watermelon island as I have not got too much planned so I can really concentrate on myself, mentally, physically and spiritually.

You know what really excites me about this?! I have thought about taking a trip to watermelon island for a while, I was inspired to do so by two of my friends when they did a three day juice fast this week. I saw my friend The Bike Wolf yesterday and he was literally glowing with health and vitality after his juice fast. I was telling another of my beautiful friends about my watermelon island plan and she was intrigued but sceptical, but you know what..? She just told me she is going to join me on my watermelon island adventure! You literally don’t know how excited I am to have spread the inspiration and have a buddy to share my experience with. I can’t wait to have our melon dinner together tonight hehe 😀

I shall keep you guys informed every day of my stay on the island!


Olivia ♥



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