Sunny Side Up

Figs Pineapple Fruit


Breakfast. Literally the reason I get out of bed every day… Today I practically leapt out of bed as I was excited for what I knew was going to be an epic meal! Yesterday at work I brought home these ooey gooey jammy figs and these super sweet pineapples. My oh my. What a delight.

For breakfast this morning I tucked into about six jammy delicious figs and two whole juicy pineapples. I was set for the day after this veritable feast of fruit. Of course I got all of this yummy fruit from Fruit Me Bristol, if you’ve not been to visit us yet I’d recommend you check us out 🙂 We’re outside the Arnolfini every day and starting Monday we will have some beautiful organic veggies for sale, yummm!

I have had a lovely day at work today, I’ve met some cool people and even bumped into an old friend from uni which was an awesome surprise 😀 I’ve got a cracking tan from working outside this week. Today I am thankful for the sun for making our fruits deliciously sweet and for making my skin glow.

I’m going to spend tomorrow eating ALL of the food in preparation for the race on Sunday, but for now I am going to learn how to knit on circular needles because this girl needs skillz 😉

Have an epic weekend and enjoy the sunshine lovely people!

Olivia ♥


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