Life Update


Hello stranger 😉 It certainly has been a while huh?! I am starting this blog with an apology for my going awol for so long. I’ve been a busy gal lately and honestly, I was feeling pretty uninspired for a while there.. But hey ho, I am back, I am inspired and my life is once again full of beautiful fruits and moments to share with you. I promise I won’t leave for so long again, not without a very good excuse anyway.

So a lot has been happening since my last blog almost two months ago. I shall start with my job, I have worked in an independent organic store since last April and I really was itching for some change in my life. Being Aries it is certainly in my nature. The greater powers in the universe were certainly on my side as they made my path cross with the lovely Ross from ‘Fruit Me’ Bristol, and he was kind enough to give me a job working for him on his market stall. The timing was perfect as Fruit Me is just embarking on some radical changes, I’m talking all kinds of delicious organic vegetables available from next week – watch this space! If you don’t know where to find us, we are the friendly little fruit stall located outside the Arnolfini in Bristol Monday to Friday, 7.30-3.30. You should swing by and say hey! If you want to follow us on Twitter just click on the picture below..

fruit me bristol


It was just my second day today but I love it already. I grew up beside the seaside so being near the water reminds me of home. The customers are really lovely and of course the fruit. Wow, let me tell you it is delicious! The nectarines in the picture were absolutely delicious, the juice was running down my face but they were too good for me to care about that.

What else have I been up to?! I have been running quite consistently, I aim for 20 miles a week at the moment and I find this pretty easy to maintain. I am absolutely loving running at the moment. I am running the Bath Very Long Half Marathon this Sunday however and I found out it is 16 miles, not 13.1! I expected it to be a little longer as the title suggests but that is a fair bit longer. I will admit the longest preperation run I have done is 9.5 miles, however I am practicing visualisation and I will have to turn beast mode on on the day. I believe I can do it. Anything you believe you can achieve, right? I do feel a little like I am going to sit an exam I didn’t prepare for! In hindsight this was probably not the best race to choose since I’ve not done a single race since the Manchester Marathon in April ’12. A 10km would probably have been more appropriate.. I shall give you guys the full low-down after the race on Sunday, wish me luck 🙂

I had such a cool run tonight, this dude overtook me right from the get go and I thought ‘he looks like a good runner’ and I managed to keep up with him the whole way to my turnaround point. This included a brief stop when I saw a slow-worm in my path and me being me stopped to pick it up as I was amazed by it. Other wildlife spotting included a giant dragonfly, a baby bird and some cute pooches!

My creative juices have been flowing recently, I am currently taking woodwork classes which are so much fun. I am really enjoying them, I would highly reccomend Bristol Womens Workshop for you chicas in Bristol. My teacher is amazing, very kind and patient. The atmosphere is very relaxed and it is a nice way to spend an evening. Of course I plan to use my new skills for my very modest plan to build my own house hehe. I am also loving knitting at the moment I am learning new things and I have a few projects in the pipeline. I shall share these with you guys once they are complete.

What have you guys been upto whilst I have been away?

Love and hugs,

Olivia ♥


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