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Ok guys, so my watermelon gets its own post for being delicious, beautiful and just the most amazing fruit to eat on sunny days 😀

If you can get your grubby mitts on one go and get an organic watermelon and nom it for breakfast tomorrow. I promise it will make the rest of your day sweeter 😉

Watermelon is perfect for breakfast, it is super hydrating, juicy and sweet. It digests very quickly and efficiently so breakfast time is the best time to be eating your watermelons. I would not recommend consuming melons with any other kinds of fruit or food as you may have digestion issues and bloating.

When I eat watermelon in the sun I close my eyes and dream of being in Hawaii. I am dreaming of visiting Hawaii in the future to spend some time there and eat ALL of the fruits hehe.

What is your favourite kind of melon?


Olivia ♥


One thought on “WATERMELON!!

  1. I have never really liked canteloupe. It must be hereditary because my father didn’t like it either, but I do like honeydew melons. Watermelon is my favourite, hands down!

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