Yo Como En Girona

Hola Amigos!

It is finally here… My food journey in Girona.

I had so much fun in Girona, I soaked up some sun and ate the best food leaving me feeling revitalised and full of energy when I got home. There were some meals that I completely forgot to photograph but hey, I tried my best!

The fruit in Spain was insane. Totally juicy, ripe and full of flavour. Aside from my meal at Bionectar which wins hands down for the best meal, the other thing that was my favourite meal was my birthday papaya. I bought myself a gigantic lush papaya and took myself on a beautiful hike for my birthday. I hiked along a trail through the woods then I took a detour along a small trail along the river, aside from one beautiful runner I didn’t see a single soul for about three hours. I found a tranquil spot by a spring and chowed down on my juicy papaya! I chilled a little then tucked into some buttery avocado on organic corn crackers. So good!

Other stand out fruits are obviously the cherimoya. I had a few whilst I was there but my favourite cherimoya memory was the night before my birthday. My new friend Sophie had bought a cherimoya in the day and as she was leaving the next day she wanted to share it. So just before midnight we made some camomile tea and split the fruit. Then she sang happy birthday to me and we got told off by the hostel manager for being noisy!! Such a fun way to welcome in a new year hehe.

There were fruit shops, markets and stands all over the city. Spain really knows how to ‘do’ fruit and veggies 😀 I saw some absolutely giant avocados – they were almost the size of my head. On my last day I hopped down to the farmers market and got a kilo of strawberries for only €3.80 they were so ripe and sweet I ate the whole bag in less than half an hour. Why can’t we have strawberries like that?!

I saw some beautiful fig trees but unfortunately for me they were not ready to eat.

Another amazing vegan restaurant I visited (twice) was B12. Everything on the menu was 100% vegan and so yummy. Ihad vegan burgers and wine with my amigo Sophie and we followed this with vegan brownies and yogi tea!It was so delicious however we only wished there was more of it!! I returned to B12 with another amigo Ramon, he tried out the vegan beers (very good apparently) I had some vegan wine (also muy buena) then we had tapas as a snack. He got ‘cheese’ stuffed peppers and I got some teriyaki tofu balls. Yummy!

I would definitely recommend a trip to Spain if you are a fruit lover!

I must dash my amigos. I am going on more wonderful exciting adventures with my good friend Amy. We are going to stay at Monkton Wyld Court for two weeks to do some gardening and hopefully have some fun times too! I will be away from the internet for this time however I will take lots of pictures and share my experience with you guys when I return.

I wish that you are all happy, healthy and enjoying life ♥

Olivia xoxo


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