And the near death experience…

cheddar gorge

Sunday. The day of rest. Perfect for lazing around and chilling out. Not so much for me and the beautiful Nicole (pictured above). Wow, what a day we have had! When we set out for a chilled ramble around Cheddar Valley this morning I am sure we could not have predicted how the day would pan out.

I will start with the high point of the day which we both agreed was the local wildlife. The list of wildlife that we saw included goats (and baby goats!), wild horses, an array of various butterflies and our favourite… the common lizard! This guy was a little too quick to snap a photograph of however I have found an image (courtesy of google) for your viewing pleasure.


The low point of the day was, we both agreed…

THE NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE… Well, almost. I may be exaggerating but only a little.

After deciding the regular path was not enough fun, nor challenging enough me and my friend took the goat path up to the top of the gorge, which let me tell you was a pretty steep path. Upon arriving almost at the top, Nicole (who is obsessed with climbing) decided it would be fun to do a spot of climbing. It did look so much fun so I decided (was cajoled) to join her. It was great fun… At first. That is until the moment I cursed loudly as I felt my right shoulder dislocate. Fuck. I remained calm, as did Nicole. I was stuck almost at the top of a very steep hill, on some rocks. Nicole was a babe, she repositioned herself to support my foot that was in danger of slipping, which would send me hurtling back down the valley. After a while I managed to pop my shoulder back where it belonged and drag myself to the top. We carried on our walk, had a beautiful picnic and a beautiful day. My shoulder still hurts though.

Today has been beautiful none the less and it has given me motivation to actually go to see my doctor and get the physio that I require because it would be so great to be able to climb, swim and do yoga without worrying about my dodgy shoulder. I have also learnt how to not panic. In the past when I have dislocated my shoulder I have cried, howeld with pain and generally been a bit of a wimp. Today, I remained calm and composed and did not let it ruin my day. My aim for this week is to once and for all give my shoulder the care and attention that it deserves, since this injury is almost ten years old now.

I have had some gert lush food today – starting with a giant banana smoothie for breakfast, a few organic apples, sweet potatoes and hummus for lunch and some potatoes for dinner. High carb all the way baby 😉

What have you guys been upto on this beautiful Sunday?

I hope you are all happy and healthy 😀

Olivia ♥


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