Into the Wild

DSC_0493This platter of custard apples were perfectly ripe and the most delectable post run noms. I literally devoured this whole platter in less than 15 minutes. Whilst I was chowing down on this amazing meal, my housemate kindly informed me that, ‘Olivia, you eat like a pig.’ Haha, I am pretty sure I was eating like a pig, oh and also spitting the millions of seeds back out. I love custard apples so much but the seeds are pretty annoying when you’re starving!!

I had a really amazing run today. My longest run in quite some time. I am pretty sick of my running playlist at the moment and I decided it would be fun to listen to an audiobook whilst I ran. I chose ‘Into the Wild’ as I loved both the film and the book. I really feel like I can relate to Chris McCandles in a lot of ways and though it comes to a tragic end, it is an amazing story. The book was narrated beautifully and the miles quickly ticked away. Before I even knew it I had ran 8 miles! I feel super comfortable running in my Vibram Five Fingers now, and my calves are not even sore the next day.

GarminI think listening to audiobooks on my ‘long’ run is going to be my new thing! There are so, so many books that I want to read but I feel like I don’t have the time at the moment. I am however reading Born to Run for the fourth time as I find it so inspiring. Jen is my absolute fave character.

In other news today, I started a new knitting project as I was inspired by my housemates when I found them all doing craft projects this morning. I’ve written a letter to my friend and I’ve eaten a LOT of food!!

I’ll leave you with the trailer for Into the Wild. I highly recommend that you watch it – it is a brilliant film.

Olivia ♥




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