Apples and Oranges

Fruit salad Fruit saladOne morning last week I enjoyed this gigantic bowl of 100% organic fruit for my morning meal. It was truly delicious. In the bowl I had;

  • 6 Blood Oranges
  • 4 Apples
  • 0.5kg Grapes (soooo good right now)
  • 1 Punnett Strawberries

This was even better when I sat in the yard and enjoed it in the sunshine 😀

I’ve had an awesome week this week – very active and it has gone way too quickly. They do say time flies when you’re having fun. I’ll tell you about my highlight of the week, which happened on my day off on Wednesday this week.

I met my fellow organic / fruit loving friend in the morning as we usually go to the organic wholesalers together. We ran a few errands then he made us an epic lunch – lots of rice and veggies yum yum! Then we went to one of my most fave places near Bristol, Claverton Weir, on the River Avon. Since we are both of a slightly crazy disposition, we donned our wetsuits and had a dip in the weir! I’ve only ever been to the weir in summer before when the weir is very gently flowing however last week the current was pretty strong. Swimming against the current was such a good workout and coming back was literally the most fun ever – like flying in water 😀 We got out after a while and laid in the lush meadow to dry off in the sun. Sunbathing in England in March was actually a very pleasant experience. When we left the weir it was still beautifully sunny out so we went for a gert lush walk around bath and along the river. A  beautiful day.

What have you guys been upto this week? What has been your highlight of the week?

Hope y’all are well!

Olivia ♥



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