Custard & Crafts

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Ch-ch-cherimoya I ♥ you.

Have you guys ever experienced the sheer pleasure of eating a custard apple? I hope you have, let me tell you they are absolutely divine. The texture is so pudding like it is unreal. The taste is so sweet, my friend hit the nail on the head when she described it as a pear flavoured custard. Nom nom. Aren’t they just the most fascinating looking fruit too?! They look like reptiles or dinosaur eggs I think! So beautiful to look at ♥

I was absolutely delighted to find these beauties at Sunseed Organics on my last shopping trip. They took a week to ripen but it was so worth the wait. They happened to be perfectly ripe on the nicest day of the year (so far). I enjoyed them in the park whilst listening to people making music and getting a much needed dose of vitamin D. I would eat them on the daily if I could they are too yummy for their own good!

The same afternoon, or crafternoon, my friend showed me how to do lino printing. I was super impressed with the results and felt a real sense of achievement. Mine said ‘Run free my deer,’ which I also printed onto a couple of t-shirts that I use for running. Super cute, super effective and super simple! I wore my new tee on my run this morning and I had an absolutely fabulous time. I am really enjoying running at the moment, I am slowly but surely getting my beast mode back 😉

What have you guys been eating/ doing recently? Tell me! I love to hear from you guys 😀

Wishing y’all a beautiful weekend!

Olivia xox


7 thoughts on “Custard & Crafts

  1. I LOOOOOOVE these fruits. I only ate them once in a while growing up (in Kenya) but they are nowhere to be seen in the US. aaaaarrrrrggghhhh. I honestly don’t even remember what we called them but I can taste them now…. delicious!!! Mail me some? LOL!

    • Hehe! Oh my I really hope you can find some they are literally worth their weight in gold! I am crossing my fingers and hoping that you find some! Check out wholesale fruit places or ask your greengrocer – they may be able to order you a case. Let me know if you manage to get your hands on some xx

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