Pitch Perfect

Green Juice Apple JuiceThis pitcher of juice was what I had for breakfast today, and let me tell you it was insanely good. It featured a gigantic chunk of ginger, so this juice was definitely not for the feint hearted. The other ingredients were 10 Santana apples, half a giant cucumber and a couple of oranges. This pitcher holds 1.7 litres of juice and of course, this juice only serves one person!

I have been having a lot of ginger recently as I seem to have a bit of a cold that doesn’t seem to want to go away, ugh!

I love having a huge juice for breakfast at the weekend, it refreshes and revitalises me and makes me want to jump for joy 😀

In other news, I have been having a huge clear-out recently, I am ridding my house of a lot of unused ‘baggage’ that seems to be cluttering up my space and stifling the air flow in my house. I am currently reading (amongst other things) a book called The 100 Thing Challenge. This paired with my want to live simply with a lot less has led me to get rid of literally half of my wardrobe in the last couple of weeks, amongst a lot of other things. I did realise however that when I was sorting through my shoes – I am in desperate need of some good winter boots. I predict that it is going to be pretty freezing in England for the next couple of months.

I decided a while ago that I would no longer buy leather shoes or boots, however I decided to hold on to the leather items that I already had as I thought it would be very wasteful to throw out my boots and buy new ones when they were still functional. So yesterday I was pretty upset when I took my most beloved pair of boots to the tailors to be told that it really wasn’t worth the effort of fixing them as they were a lost cause. I didn’t think that I was emotionally attached to any of my belongings but I got this pair of boots when I was 16. I remember saving up for them for weeks and weeks then finally going to buy them. They are pink leather boots with a suede section in the middle that is a floral print and they look better every winter when I haul them out again. So farewell to my old friends, it’s been a fun journey.

Now, to my new dilemma. Finding vegan boots that are practical and comfy and not ugly. This is a harder task than it sounds. However, I have succeeded. Many cheaper shops sell a lot of vegan boots – just check it says ‘man-made upper/lining’ or something along those lines. I actually ended up buying 2 pairs of boots – one pair of fully waterproof snow boots and one pair of ankle boots for work. Both pairs were pretty cheap. I know it sounds strange to be buying new things when I am trying to get rid of things, but I am not exaggerating when I say I have zero pairs of boots, and I did try to repair the ones I had. It is pretty impractical to live in England in winter and not own warm boots!

Well, I must dash, I am going to go for running through the woods in this beautiful winter sunshine!

Hope y’all are having a healthy and happy weekend 😀

Olivia ♥


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