Curly Wurly

Spiraliser Lurch SpiraliserEvery year around the holiday season, I treat myself to one present that I have been lusting after for most of the year! This year, as I mentioned in my post yesterday, I treated myself to something that excites me – far more than it rightly should. Something I have wanted for a long time. After seeing so many pictures and videos of all different spiralised salads, fruits and veggies I decided it was my time to get in on all of the spiralising action. I got the Lurch Spirali spiraliser and I am so happy with it.

Last night me and my friend had a little play on it. Then when I got home I spiralised some pears. Wow. OMG. Pear noodles. They were like a delicious healthy version of the strawberry laces that I was way too fond of as a child.

Tonight, for my evening meal I made this awesome concoction. Firstly, I spiralised a large sweet potato and then I baked this on an oven sheet with a wee bit of oil. Then I got my wok out, and I fried a little garlic and ginger before I tossed in spiralised onion, rainbow carrots and courgette. When all of my veggies were cooked I tossed them all together in my gigantic bowl and added a tiny bit of soy sauce. Wowee.

The noodles are amazing, you can actually twist them around your as though they were posh spaghetti. It made eating way more fun than usual – not that eating is ever boring! I think you know what I mean. This is definitely my new favourite toy – or maybe it is a tie between my spiraliser and my Yonanas? Both are equally as exciting 😀

You can expect to see a lot of posts featuring spiralised delights from now on! What is your favourite kitchen gadget?

Olivia ♥



4 thoughts on “Curly Wurly

  1. I love kitchen gadgets and a spiralizer is on my list to buy. I have a julienne potato peeler kind of thing that I like. My favourite gadget are my juicer, food processor and dehydrator. Rapidly running out of kitchen space!

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