Fruit Haul

FruitSince my last post, you know – the one where I promised to post more frequently?! – an awful lot has been happening in my life. I’ll start with the good. I recently acquired a car from my amazing cousin. This means that I am now able to go to the wholesale fruit market and Sunseed Organics (a Bristol based organic wholesale company) all without the worry of having to beg for lifts or wonder about the logistics of getting a stash of fruit home on public transport. I love to get up early and do things that I enjoy – like fruit shopping. I went with my friend last week so we split a couple of things so this is what I brought home with me;

  • 1 box large navel oranges
  • 1/2 a box of the sweetest clementines
  • 1 crate of Santana apples
  • 9 kg bananas
  • 2.5 kg medjool dates
  • 1 bag mint

My bargain buy was definately the Santana apples – this whole crate was only £8.50 – they were sold to me as juicing apples but they are also amazing to just eat! The most delicious thing was the clementines – they did not last long at all. I am all about citrus at the moment. I just wish oranges didn’t take so long to peel!

I absolutely loved going to the wholesale market – have I ever mentioned to you how much I hate supermarkets?! I find the whole supermarket situation super stressful and those sneaky devils always ensure I come home with way more things than I ever intended to buy.

I have been talking to friends about my blog, and the version of myself that I am sharing with you – until now, I have only really shared my triumphs and positivity and the best version of myself with you and this is not always the authentic version of myself. I never really let you guys in on my failures and I have decided that I want to share this with you as I am not perfect and I would never want anybody to think that I was something that I am not. A couple of weeks ago I went through a huge emotional upheaval in my life. I know what we eat does not define who we are. However I wanted to share with you guys that I have not been the shining example that I have wanted to be recently. Since my emotional turmoil I have been seeking comfort in food. Junk foods to be precise. These last few weeks I have been having a lot more cooked foods and especially comforting foods like bread, cookies and chips. Oh my.

I have started every single day with good intentions – I always have fruit for breakfast – this has become habit. However by lunchtime most days I find that my resolve has weakened. I am cold and sometimes emotionally fatigued so I turn to my old pals for a hug – bread, soup and even some coffee and chocolate or any free cookies hanging around the staff room. I may have even been making chips at home on an evening! I realise that this is not going to make me feel my best, but old habits die hard, and I am in need of comfort. I have spent 23 years of my life turning to food in times of emotional upset and this is hard to break. Having plenty of fruit around the house and about my person is certainly helping a little but my will seems to be very weak at the moment.

On the positive side – I am keeping active and also finding new friends to workout with. My soul feels nourished as I am surrounding myself with beautiful and positive people. I woke up this morning feeling really inspired. I treated myself to a late Christmas gift today – a lurch spiraliser – this is actually amazing! Today I really feel like I am ready to get back on the wagon and back on track with my journey to health. I am looking back upon these last few weeks as a learning curve – yes I ate some pretty terrible foods however these were never in excess and I still ate plenty of good things!

Starting January 5th I shall be trying Fully Raw Kristina’s 21 day raw challenge. Does anybody want to do this with me?! 😀 It starts on Jan 5th so there is plenty of time to clear out the cupboards – you can give any foods you do not want to the salvation army – and to go shopping for your fruit and veggie stash. I would recommend that you buy lots of bananas and dates as these are high calorie and will keep you satiated. Also plenty of citrus as it is in season and so delicious! During this time I promise to post daily about my progress – the good and the bad! I have never done 21 days of fully raw before and I know I will miss potatoes and corn pasta the most as these are my favourite however I can now make vegetable noodles with my spiraliser 🙂 Watch the video below for a little more information.

I hope you have all had an amazing Christmas.

Sending you all big hugs ♥



2 thoughts on “Fruit Haul

  1. Good for you for getting back on track and for trying Kristina’s challenge!
    The one thing I want to add is: do not be hard on yourself! Health goes beyond food, a huge part is the ability to love and accept yourself as you are tight NOW, with all the “flows” (as we all see so many in ourselves)! A true transformation takes time, patience and self love and compassion! Also, some cooked food is not so bad, so if you feel like eating some cooked food, eat the best of the cooked food. It is better to do so rather then suppressing the craving them letting them explode into junk food disaster;)
    I hope you are well and I wish you self love & compassion!

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