Shumei Veggie Box

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

– Hippocrates

Wowzers!! Feast your eyes upon the contents of my veggie box from the Shumei Natural Agriculture farm. These are the most beautiful greens I have ever laid my eyes upon, and also the freshest. My friend has been visiting the Shumei farm recently and he kindly brought me back this amazing veggie bounty yesterday. Most of which he helped to harvest that morning. Amazing 😀

The Shumei farm is certified organic by the soil association. They also have the most beautiful approach to farming that I have heard of in the UK. They farm using natural agriculture, which means they use NO;

  • Chemicals
  • Pesticides
  • Fertilisers
  • Animal manure

They also practice saving seeds for the next crops. They farm in a way that nourishes the soil and creates a balanced eco system. Shumei also believe that farming is an art form and they treat all of their crops with love and respect. To find out more about Shumei visit their website

I am super impressed with everything that I recieved. In my veggie box I got;

  • 2 bags of mixed leaves
  • 2 large bags of Rainbow Chard
  • 2 bags of Kale
  • Carrots
  • Parsnips
  • Leeks
  • 1kg potatoes
  • 2 Radishes

Everything is organic, the best quality and super fresh. The cost of the box was £12 which I thought was amazing value also. I am going to make a huge salad with some of my veggies for lunch today I cannot wait! Does anybody else get as excited about produce as me?! If any of my friends in Bristol would like one of these veggie boxes drop me a message and I will pass your details on to my friend 🙂

I have been making a conscious effort recently to buy as much organic produce as I can afford. I am especially careful when buying salad leaves and leafy greens as these have the largest surface area for pesticides and sprays to contaminate. I also only buy organic potatoes and apples as these are always the worst for pesticide contamination. I don’t really fancy a side of poison with my salad thank you very much 😛

That is what pesticides, fungicides and chemicals are. They are poison. To kill things. Do you really want to be putting that into your body? If not then choose to vote with your money and opt for organic produce. A lot of non organic produce is also produced using genetically modified plants (GMO’s) nobody is really sure if GMO’s are good for you, I don’t think it is worth the risk!

What are your views on organic produce?

If you need some inspiration for choosing organic produce check out this video by Paul Izak 😀

I am going to go and make my salad now! I hope you are having a wonderful day 😀

Be happy ♥


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