Fast Food

Orange Mango Smoothie

So you’re trying your best to stick to an 80/10/10 style of eating? But you have no ripe fruit available?

Here are my top tips for staying fully carbed and full of energy, even if you have no ripe fruit available.

  1. Buy pasteurised juices from the store. Just make sure they say ‘Not From Concentrate’ or something similar to that. Don’t waste your money on concentrated juices as they are nasty. If you are having this for a meal, make sure you have at least a litre but aim for two.
  2. If you have a glut of ripe fruit, freeze it. If you are freezing bananas make sure to peel them first! The fruit can then either be defrosted and used for smoothies, or used frozen to make raw vegan ‘nice-cream’ 😉
  3. Have a date! Most supermarkets stock high quality medjool dates, some even sell organic. A 200g box of these bad boys works out to be about 600-700 calories so you could have one or two boxes with some lettuce or celery for a satisfying meal. Make sure to drink plenty of water before a meal of dates.
  4. Potatoes! Yum yum. Eat as many potatoes as you can fit in your belly! Have them boiled, baked, steamed or mashed. Just don’t do anything crazy like put butter or oil on them!
  5. Rice. Rice is so nice. It is delicious. Eat as much as you can, preferably brown rice with a vegan curry / salad / whatever you fancy.
  6. Pasta / gluten free pasta. Ignore what it says on the side of the packet. One 500g bag of pasta does not serve 4/5 people. It actually serves 1-2. Make a tomato sauce with it and voila! Dinner is served.

I hope these tips help you to keep you feeling high energy and satiated at times when you have no ripe fruit available. Here is the recipe for the smoothie in the picture above.


  • 1 litre not from concentrate orange juice
  • 500g store bought frozen mango


  • Throw it all into a large Kilner jar and blend it baby.

I had this smoothie for my lunch today and it was super sweet and satisfying. Let me know if you try it out 😀

There is something else I have to tell you guys before I go. This time last week, I met Joseph Kendrick. Some of you may already be following him on Tumblr. He is a vegan blogger, athlete and super positive inspiring person. I was so glad I got to meet him after I have been inspired by him for so long, he is a super awesome guy 😀 I suggest you go and check out his blog for your daily dose of positivity!

Hope y’all are staying carbed and cosy this winter ♥


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