Super Salad!

Super Salad Orange and PomegranateFor my evening meal last night I made this beautiful bejewelled salad. The greens are one whole bag of mixed baby leaf salad. I topped my leaves with some beautiful super ripe pomegranate and some juicy orange slices.

The dip in the middle is a spicy hummus dip. I had this with two whole carrots, one large ramiro peppers and about fifteen cherry tomatoes to dip into it.

This dinner was so delicious and extremely aesthetically pleasing. I always enjoy my food so much more when it looks pretty 😀

Everything on my plate (except the hummus) is organic. It is super important to eat organic as much as you possibly can. It is better for your health, for the planet and for the people that grow your food 🙂

As amazing as it was, this dinner was pretty low in calories so afterwards I had a big bowl of corn pasta which I mixed with a little of the leftover spicy hummus. I finished my meal feeling satiated, energised and pretty darn amazing.

I give this meal 10/10!

What do you do to make salads more interesting?

♥ Olivia



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