Perfect Papaya


Perfectly ripe papaya

I really love seeing the beauty in everyday things. Just because. The little things in life are often the most beautiful.

I cracked this baby open today and I thought it was just so beautiful. I had to share it with you.

This papaya was perfectly ripe and delicious. I savoured every bite that I had. I had to share this with my boyfriend though because I wanted to him to share my papaya moment with me.

Happiness only real when shared.

– Christopher McCandles

He had never even tried papaya before and he was really intrigued by the flavour, he thought it was like a sweet avocado because the texture is quite similar. I love the complex flavour of the papaya, it is sweet, fragrant and totally amazing.

I ♥ papaya.

What fruits have you eaten today?

Olivia x



6 thoughts on “Perfect Papaya

  1. Wow! I LOOOOVE papaya. It’s so expensive here (US) and I remember eating and getting it so cheaply and fresh off the tree where I grew up (Kenya). I took a picture that came out so beautiful last summer of a ‘perfect’ papaya my hubby and I devoured. Don’t think I posted about it. I should have but its nice to see that great minds think alike. It is so true.. the simple stuff is always the most beautiful!

    • Hehehe!! It makes me so happy when people get as excited about fruit as I do ♥ It is very expensive here too in the UK and they are very small too. Wow I bet the fruit in Kenya was amazing! You should post your picture I want to see it 🙂 Hope you are doing great x

    • Hey! Thanks Neil 🙂 Rick downloaded a programme for called IrfanView that can add watermarks etc. onto pictures and he set it up so I can use it easily. I think we may be coming over soon so he could show you then if you like? Hope you are all well I will be in touch soon. Have a lovely day, I am glad you survived the storm!! Xxx

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