Pear Shaped and Perfect

Pears happen to be one of my favorite English fruits. I adore them when they are perfectly ripe, sweet and super juicy. I like them even more when they are free! One of my good neighbours just so happens to have a pear tree that has produced a bumper crop so she gifted me with a bag of  these lovely pears.

From the outside they might not look like much – odd in shape and size, and brownish yellow in colour, but let me tell you a secret… These are the most delicious pears I have ever eaten. I tell no lies. The taste is worlds away from the bland green pears so often found in supermarkets – picked way before the reach maturity, flown halfway around the world and taking FOREVER to ripen at home.

The pears from my neighbour’s tree had a super sweet taste. They had an almost fragrant aftertaste that lingered on the tongue and reminded me of Turkish delight. The texture of the pears was very soft and palatable but not mushy at all. I was very impressed with these pears. I ate seven of these beauties and then followed this with a big bowl of mixed salad for my dinner last night. Yep, that bowl of salad was just for me, though I did have to fend off my boyfriend who swept in on it like a hungry gannet!

All in all, I was so impressed by the pears that I am going to offer to help my neighbour to pick (and eat!) the rest.




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