Simon’s Allotment Box

Wowzers. Look at all of this delicious fresh produce.

I get a bit too excited about things like this…

This delightful box of goodies came fresh from my colleague Simon’s allotment. After much pleading and a charitable donation, Simon finally turned up to work with these treats for me. Organically grown and zero food miles.

The contents of the box are as follows;

  • 3 giant beetroots
  • 1 curly lettuce
  • Lots of beans
  • 1 turnip with a free snail
  • 6 sweet cherry tomatoes
  • 3 spring onions
  • 2 bulbs of garlic
  • 3 white onions

I am definitely going to have fun in the kitchen (and my belly) with these veggies.

I ate the lettuce today for my lunch and it was delicious.

I shall let you know how it all tastes, I am going to guess it will be delicious though. I plan on using one of the giant beets to make a new homemade lip gloss with so I shall write a post about that when I get around to it 😀




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