I just made something AMAZING and I had to let you know..!

I am having an amazing day so far.

I woke up and had a large honeydew melon, delicious.

Then I went for a short (3 mile) run through the woods near my house which was beautiful. There might have been a moment during this run when I fell over a rock and landed in a heap, I ran away unscathed though an glad nobody saw this! I then had a whole carton of red grape juice, mmmm.

I have been having a pretty lazy afternoon as I am not working today. I have a house full of fruit as I went shopping yesterday and I just made the BEST LUNCH EVER!!

I am so excited to share this news with you that I haven’t even finished eating it yet!

So I took my Yonanas machine (amazing invention – you really must get one) and I added 7 frozen bananas, with a few blueberries after each. It made the most beautiful lilac coloured “ice cream” that I have ever seen. I did not stop there however. I also got some passionfruits yesterday. Oh yeah. I scooped one over the top of my blueberry ice cream and it turned it from delicious to epic in one fell swoop.

Oh my.

I have taken photographs which I shall post later.

This huge bowl of banana blueberry passionfruit dream does not stand a chance against me!!

Adios for now, have a beautiful afternoon 🙂


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